Emotions are fuel.  They are the fuel we use to run our lives. We are addicted to our emotions the way a car is addicted to its fuel. Kind of an important part of the equation.

When we’re hooked on high-octane happiness, we feel energized, balanced and connected. When we’re hooked on a low crude-oil variety of emotions -  we feel depressed, anxious, angry and overwhelmed. Our brains are so incredibly efficient that when we do anything a whole lot of times in a row, we wire-up a neural network.

This wiring-up process is really great news, because otherwise we’d still be toddlers throwing a splash party in the sink each morning when we brush our teeth.  Our neural networks enable us to get busy doing other things. But our brains don’t just wire-up the things we do, they wire-up the way we feel.

Why does science matter to therapy? Well, we’ve discovered that the brain cannot tell the difference between something real or imagined.  When we’re talking about something that’s happened in the past, our brains are firing-off the very same emotions as though that story was happening right here, right now.  Some of us have better imaginations than others.

And sometimes… sometimes… we get stuck.

We get stuck in the pain of the past and can’t seem to let go. We get stuck in arguments that circle around and around until we’re utterly exhausted. We get stuck in feeling guilty and responsible for everyone and everything. We get stuck in blaming others or looking for ways in which to be offended, and finding them. Any which way, we get stuck in our lives.

This education-based approach will match your circumstances to an exercise, and you will leave each session with something you didn’t know, coming in. You will begin to forge new and improved neural pathways, in place of old and unwanted ones.

If you are curious about Neural Network Therapy®, we suggest you schedule your first session and you’ll know pretty quickly if both the Practitioner and the approach feel a fit. To speak to someone directly and explore your options before scheduling an appointment, please call 888-928-8360 or 705-740-8360, for our Peterborough Ontario location.

Be the change that you wish to see in this world.
— Mahatma Gandhi