the smidge story



Smidge was designed by a brain that sustained traumatic injury in a car accident. The traditional scents that were touted to relieve headaches, reduce anxiety, and increase focus - didn’t. Oddly enough, some lesser known scents worked like magic. Well, a science and logic kinda magic.

Did you know?

Neural Network Therapy™ emerged in 1997, largely in response to advancements in neuroscience. This approach to counselling emphasizes education as the primary foundation for building happy brains and healthy bodies.

Did you know we are of two minds? We are indeed.

We have our caveman brain, the Amygdala, that fires off “fight or flight” when intensity strikes. We live in a rather intense world. When we are in this reactionary state, we experience paralyzing anxiety and nasty blasts from our fiery temper. Either way, our ability to think clearly is compromised.

We also have this new brain (evolutionarily speaking) called the Prefrontal Cortex. Any clever problem-solving abilities we possess, exist in this brain. That thing we wished we’d said exactly three and a half hours after the moment has passed…. happens on the spot in our new brain.

Curiously enough, as we begin to reach for Smidge when we’re feeling anxious or angry, we being to forge new neural pathways that soon become a habit. Instead of living life in an exhausting reactionary state, we begin to self-soothe and light up our new brain to manage the moment with skill and ease.