"Psychiatric care has begun to put more focus and emphasis on functionality concurrent with symptom relief. The benefit of early recognition of symptoms, intervention, and recovery of function improves the long term prognosis of most mental health disorders, particularly anxiety, depression and ADHD. Community care actually extends the service beyond the hospital where acute symptom control may be required, to community services that provide recovery and rehabilitation; thus contributing to relapse prevention. Continuity of care from the hospital and medical psychiatric practitioners to the community is ideal. The Canadian Family Health Collective have proven to be that additional component in the care for patients concurrent with their psychiatric follow up care. "

Dr. Mary Lou Dancel, MD, FRCPC 

Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychiatrist

"I just wanted to share our awesome success story, thanks to your program. Our son spent these past two years in a deep black hole. This last year being the worst for him, with failure after failure. In his mind, absolutely no success in sight. He was sinking more and more every day. As a result, no respect for authority, in a constant state arguing and no joy in life. A few sessions with his Counsellor made a world of difference. A few months, and he's found joy and success in his life once more. He went into his sessions a surly teenager and has emerged a bright awesome happy person. What's even still more amazing is that his marks have gone from a 20% average to an 82%. He auditioned for the Integrated Arts Program for highschool! It's crazy for us to even imagine he would put himself out there with the risk of failure ahead, but he did, and he believes he got in!

Thank you and we have recommended you guys to our doctor and Montessori Teachers and, well, everyone.”

P.S. He got into the Integrated Arts Program!"

Christine and Karel Baayen

"Admax Marketing has been affiliated with the Canadian Family Health Collective since 2002. We originally contracted service to address a whole host of interpersonal skill-building concerns in managing staff, and have since retained counsel for all of our Human Resource demands. The Collective provides an exceptionally innovative approach to resolving conflict, increasing productivity, goal-setting, and any number of routine challenges and expectations met by any person in business. The Professional Development Programs provide insight and understanding that transcends all I’ve read in business coaching to date. The programs have paid for themselves many many times over, and have infiltrated the way in which I conduct any and all of my relationships, professional or otherwise."

Greg Welch  Editor in Chief, Admax Marketing

"Having spent my adult life studying psychology, attending personal development programs from some of the top names in the industry, and coaching leadership programs for youth, it was a natural progression to add Emotional Health Practitioner Program to my tool belt. Their fun and indirect approach to leading transformation in others is refreshing and unique! They don’t teach or counsel in a conventional way. They’ve taught that with traditional counselling, or "talk therapy", there is a continual ongoing dialogue and the impact is minimal, at best. Instead they’ve developed a truly effective way to lead people to the personal change they were seeking, by working from the inside out. The innovative exercises and this holistic approach leads clients on a road of discovery and insight that positively transforms the way they see and influence themselves, their world, and their relationships with others. Success in all areas of life comes from creating and sustaining these healthy relationships. The Emotional Health Practitioner Program has helped me in the workplace to develop and deliver more impactful programming. It has also given me a positive edge with a deeper understanding and perspective when working with clients. The practical tools have allowed me, not only to work more effectively with clients, by also in my personal life as well."

Krista Brailey Outcomes Facilitator, Community Living

"My husband and I had been to see two other counsellors in the past and we felt it wasn’t really helping us. We talked a lot about how we were "feeling", but that wasn’t fixing anything. In our last attempt at counselling, I flipped through the Yellow Pages and found the Canadian Family Health Collective and something told me I was to call them. When I first stepped through the doors back in the fall of 2009 I was a young mom of three little kids (4, 3 & 6 months) and in a state of desperation to fix my marriage. Everything in my world on the outside appeared to be perfect, but on the inside I was falling apart. I thought in life I was to find a great partner that would complete me, or make me feel whole. Then we met Shelley, and everything changed! Through a series of exercises, we soon began to learn what made us "tick" individually. Why our past tends to shape what we do and how we think, and how to change that for the better. And most importantly I learned that "I" was in control of my own happiness, and it was okay to put myself first, and to continue to find things to "fill my own well" …. because I couldn’t give from an empty one. I would never say that this path was an easy one, but I can say it was worth every high and low. I learned a lot about life and why people do the things they do, but more so I learned a lot about me. Thanks to this incredible journey I went through I can honestly say I am a better person today than I was four years ago. I see life through a different light, and I now know I am a confident, intelligent women ready and more equipped to head down this journey called life."

Dawn Lillico-Bolam Lifestyle Trainer

"I first started to do my work with CFHC when I was in my early twenties. As with many young people, I was somewhat lost as to who I was, or what I was doing with my life. My first session was booked as a reaction to whatever crisis I had in my life at that moment. Looking back now, I often chuckle when I try to remember what that "crisis" was? Regardless of which, I booked a session and have never looked back. I have learned so many skills that I still use every single day, in both my personal and professional life. These are now embedded within me, and I encourage those around me to make the same investment.I was so very thankful I had this foundation when a few years back, came a life transformation. A newly single me (after 7 years) sold a house, bought another one on my own, switched job positions and went on a solo trip to Greece. Not a one of these things could I have even contemplated, in my otherwise anxiety-ridden self. I have learned to follow my passions and pursue my dreams, but most importantly, I now possess the ability to do just that. Lastly, I also believe that in addition to a healthy mind, one needs to have a healthy body. Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand with emotional health. I live this everyday. I am very diligent in prioritizing my health and wellbeing, in order to maximize productivity in my professional life. Today, I am a very confident, calm, and relaxed person living that blissful life that I had once dreamed about. I am living in the moment, and have never been happier."

Dena Heming  Commercial Banker

"I had the privilege of knowing Kim Sargent, Clinical Director of the Canadian Family Health Collective since 1996, when she joined the St.Joseph’s Health Centre as one of the Practitioners in our Complementary Care Centre. From my first meeting with Kim to the present, I am always amazed by her energy and enthusiasm. She is forever keen to create new learning experiences and shares her knowledge with others effectively and with good humour. She has a positive attitude about her work and the people around her, and brings a fresh perspective to my thinking whenever we meet. Kim's professional development efforts are admirable, as she is always open to explore new ideas for the continuous improvement of the Collective’s philosophy in practice."

Pat Hooper  Former Manager, Complementary Care Centre St.Joseph's Hospital

"I met Clinical Director, Kim Sargent, and her team, over ten years ago while attending a workshop at the Canadian Family Health Collective. She instantly won my heart with her genuine nature and unique style of teaching that left me feeling renewed, regenerated and inspired. I have attended many workshops and have been with the Collective ever since. Kim is a great storyteller and uses colourful metaphors to help you "see" what it is she is teaching. She has a gift, and that gift is her love for life which comes through in all that she teaches. The Canadian Family Health Collective combines health, science, creative-thinking, and humour to get you healthy and on track. One thing I love most about their approach is that they will not let you stay stuck in the mud for any length of time, once you begin a program. You are instantly lifted up and moved onto solid ground, and then you learn the tools to stay there. Whether it is an emotional health issue, needing to be re-inspired by learning something new, or you are just looking to add some tools to your toolbox for wellbeing, I would highly recommend The Canadian Family Health Collective. The best lessons I have learned are that personal growth is a lifelong experience, that emotional health is always precursor to physical wellbeing, that self-esteem emerges from creative thinking. And best of all, that self-love moves mountains. This is not like traditional therapy in any sense. It is innovative, thought-provoking, empowering, and mandatory self-care."

Julie Derrett  Owner, Optimum Hypnosis

"I wanted to thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart once again for helping me to get through the darkest days of my life. I honestly never thought I would be able to function normally or get through my days without being overcome with sadness. Aurora has been a godsend for me. When I first walked in I thought no one could ever help me get through this dark time. But Aurora had a special way of drawing things from me to help me begin a healing process. With her guidance, coaching and wonderful spirit, I have been able to function and actually smile again, which is easy with Aurora's infectious laugh. Words to describe the care I’ve received are - thoughtful, professional, kind, caring, helpful, honest and patient. I could go on and on. I am grateful for all the appointments and help I have received from Canadian Family Health. Without them, I honestly don't know where I would be today! I am also very happy that I know they are always there for me, just a phone call away! Thank you seems so inadequate for all you have done for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone struggling in any way. Bless you all."


"I completed my undergraduate studies in the spring of 2002 and began specialized training at the Canadian Family Health Collective in the fall of that same year. My internship provided me with ample opportunity to exercise my skills and integrate what I’ve learned into my own Private Practice, my work with my students at Sir Sanford Fleming College, as well as my own personal growth achievements. The experience has been invaluable and I highly recommend those interested for either personal or professional reasons consider this a necessary asset to any portfolio."

Stephanie Bartsch  Counsellor, Instructor

"I have thought of you many times over the past couple of years and always with a very grateful heart to have met you. When I first met you, I was just starting down a road of self discovery, reflection and awareness. I learned so much from you in those early days about loving myself, having good boundaries and being grateful. At the time, when things were so stressed at home, it was very difficult for me to even understand the concept of gratitude. I just wanted to write to you to say THANK YOU for all the help that you gave to me during what was one of the darkest times in my life. I learned so much from you, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the gifts you gave me in therapy."


"I have known Kim Sargent, Clinical Director of The Canadian Family Health Collective, since 1997 when we collaborated with other health professionals to form the Complementary Care Centre in Peterborough, located in the former St.Joseph’s Hospital. This Centre was the first of its kind in the area, providing natural health services alongside a hospital setting. Although counselling services are generally mainstream, Kim brought to the group her personal flair, which fit perfectly with the alternative/complementary focus of the Centre. I found her work ethic exceptional and remember her spending countless hours in her office developing the framework for her practice. She also closely mentored numbers of young interns over the years, and has helped to shape and guide them in the principles which she has developed within the Canadian Family Health Collective today. I find Kim a warm and personable woman who brings her professionalism to the forefront in every challenge she undertakes."

Dr.Collette Szalay, DC Chiropractor

"Working in a fast-paced environment in a big city is challenging, at best. The commute alone has raised my stress levels to epic proportions, and that’s before I walk into my office to be greeted by the demands of the employees I manage. My Professional Development at the Canadian Family Health Collective has taught me that balance is integral to my well-being, and to my effectiveness as a Manager in our Company. This "balance" in my daily life, has enabled me to lead my staff from a place of authenticity. Our productivity has absolutely soared to new heights, since I was first introduced to this material. When I am rested, eating healthy, exercising, and creatively managing the inevitable stresses my field generates daily, I am functioning at 100%, which increases both productivity and efficiency. Systems that I would have otherwise missed, become obvious, and are applied easily with fast-acting results. I feel that is it part of my job to keep my staff highly motivated and challenged, so that they are continuously learning and meeting new objectives. One-on-one conversations with staff are important for me to evaluate and discuss what ideas they have, and how I can help to meet their own development objectives/career goals. Many Managers do not take the time to do this, and I feel it is very important for employees to feel as though they are a necessary part of the team. This program also provided an innovative skill-set with which to approach my staff in a more meaningful way. Conflicts abound into every work place. Everyone has different views, opinions, biases, and the like. The Assertiveness Training portion of the Professional Development Program has provided me with endlessly effective guidelines for swift and productive resolution. This course alone was worth the price of admission. I highly advise anyone in a position of management or supervision attend any number of the courses offered by the Canadian Family Health Collective. They surely will not disappoint, and the benefits that extend to your personal life will prove to be invaluable."

Jen Harding  Customs & International Transportation Manager