PEACE OF MIND Magi Aging Essentials

PEACE OF MIND Magi Aging Essentials


2-pack. 9.5mL Frosted Glass with Stainless Steel Ball.



Turn-Back-Time Beauty Care


Our Magi Aging Essential line contains three shared ingredients, Golden Jojoba which enhances the absorption of topical solutions meanwhile it helps to heal wounds and prevent skin aging, Pomegranate Oil to encourage cell regeneration while brightening skin, and is perfectly blended with 24K Gold Essence which targets dry skin and increases skin elasticity.

Peace of Mind Magi Aging Essentials contains Spikenard and Clary Sage. This blend helps cross the blood-brain barrier for improved memory, increased cognition, and neuroprotective benefits. It helps to reduce anxiety while it stabilizes the nervous system, and increases learning functions, diminishes the appearance of scars, stretch marks, treats psoriasis and acne.

Peace of Mind makes peace portable, as it helps calm the breath and acts as a sedative; it’s the perfect addition to your bed-time ritual.

Tighten Pores • Smooth Wrinkles • Boost Collagen • Balance Skin Pigmentation • Moisturize • Antiseptic • Antimicrobial


Caution: Clary Sage has sedative properties, do not use before operating heavy machinery, or following the consumption of alcohol as it may cause nightmares. Spikenard and Clary Sage should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. However, not enough is known about these oils, we encourage you to do your own research and decide if this product is right for you. Visit our Quality Assurance page for more information about our products.

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