Our ingredients are sourced from around the world by Alypsis Inc., a family owned and operated business that happens to be located in our very own backyard of Peterborough Ontario. These folks have been at this Essential Oils business since 1989, long before the trend began. While we’re thankful Essential Oils are receiving proper recognition, they also deserve proper respect.

Use your own discretion in researching which Essential Oils, carrier oils or complementary ingredients feel a fit for your purposes. Dab a small amount onto your wrist to test your sensitivity levels and of course, discontinue use if you have an unpleasant reaction. The potential for harm in using Essential Oils originates primarily by consuming them. Please don't eat our products.

If you have reservations about Essential Oils, do your own research and feel confident about their use.

GrowHappy® Essentials and Magi Aging Essentials are two distinct product lines that have exceeded our expectations in every way. We love them. We decided to put our products to market when we realized that you might love them too. But let us not lose sight of what GrowHappy® is really all about…

Growing healthy food for happy brains in schools across Canada.