Plant it forward


plant it forward

Our emotional health care programs teach the ways in which to reroute SAD, SCARED and ANGRY feelings up and into HAPPY ones. We talk about the very cells of our bodies responding to the emotions we’re feeling. When we’re feeling blue, we don’t have a whole lot to give, and the bits of energy we do have are necessary for our self-care. The same applies to any unwanted mood. But when we’ve taken the care we need and found our way back to HAPPY, we have loads of energy to spare. Not just that, Moods are Contagious and who one earth doesn’t want a HAPPY one? YES please! So we’ve found that learning to PLANT IT FORWARD when we’re overflowing is kindness at its best. A renewable resource, if you will. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but we would LOVE to hear the creative ideas you come up with to share your HAPPY and PLANT IT FORWARD.

Plant It Forward
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