Mental Health, Meet Outdoor Education  

Why are we teaching about the planets in our solar system before we’re talking about the chemicals in our brains? We don’t know either. Our mission is to teach the ways in which the very act of growing food boosts feel-good chemistry, even before you eat it.

We’ve developed an educational product line that can raise funds and emotional health awareness, while you generate your garden budget.  

No space for a garden?  We’ll send students home with seeds in a pot.  Room to spare?  Let’s trade in that silly old front lawn for your very own Food Forest. Any which way, let’s grow some food.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.
— Chinese Proverb

Our GrowHappy® Gardens are sprouting up every which direction!  Good thing, because our 2020 Cross Canada Tour will be here in no time. Is your school up to the challenge? Register Your School and win a chance for us to GrowHappy® with you!

We’ll be making stops across the country with all sorts of goodies to give away.  We’ll play our signature game of Mood Tag while students learn how nutrition, fitness and relaxation each play an integral role in health and happiness.

Let’s PLANT IT FORWARD together, one little seedling at a time.  

REgister Your SChool or Front lawn

for the 2020 growhappy® Garden Challenge


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