Smidge fundraiser

Smidge GrowHappy® Essentials and Magi Aging Essentials are two distinct product lines that combine the benefits of Essential Oils with the emotional health skill-building of Neural Network Therapy®. Forge new neural pathways in the brain as you soothe anxiety, settle tempers and increase focus.

Want to raise funds and awareness?

While we all love chocolate almonds and magazine subscriptions, why not mix it up with a little self-care education? Children and Adolescents rave about our Smidge Sticks! They also accidentally-on-purpose learn a thing or two about emotional health care when they use them. Our Magi Aging Essentials are meant for maturing minds and clock-stopping skincare.

How DOes It Work?

We’re glad you asked!


Step one

Download your Smidge Fundraiser Form and distribute to any and all participating members.



Collect orders made payable to your school or organization. Our Smidge Brand Ambassadors are available to help if you require assistance.


“Just a Smidge will make you SMILE!”

step three

Place your order with the wholesale payment, and the remaining funds are yours to keep. Your order will be prepared and shipped within 3 weeks to your door.


Rooy’s Garden of Wonders


Distribute your Essentials order.  You can do this the boring old way of sifting through boxes and order forms.  OR, you can engage students  in the entrepreneurial spirit and have some fun.  


'“Plant it Forward!”


If you decide you’d like to PLANT IT FORWARD in your neighbourhood, we’ll send you the digital Garden Kit that matches your budget, along with our signature game of Mood Tag.  Children will plant seeds and learn about how “Moods are Contagious”.  More importantly, they’ll discover the ways in which Nutrition, Fitness and Relaxation each play an integral role in emotional health and physical wellbeing.