Student enterprise

Children are born with the power of persuasion built into their bones. It’s just hardwired, and for good reason- we need to negotiate for the things we want in this world. Teaching children to work collaboratively develops those win-win-win neural pathways in early early days. Using the environment and mental health to fundraise and educate, are noble causes that help develop the bigger picture and drives home the message, we’re all in this thing together.

GrowHappy Shop

Students could develop their very own GrowHappy Shop, designing shelves and tables and posters to help showcase their products for a school fair or community outreach project, using funds directly to growing their very own garden at school. Alternatively, students could divide up the products upon delivery and generate the same sort of educational stations in the gymnasium or classrooms for parents to pick up their orders and learn a thing or two as they do. When children teach, they learn.


Happy Shake Stand

Swap out the old lemonade stand and borrow a blender to have students sell Happy Shakes in the cafeteria on Pizza Days to raise money for your garden. Once again, as students learn about each brain happy ingredient, they begin to connect the value of nutrition as they learn a thing or two about commerce too.

Garden Market

In no time your garden will be pumping out all sorts of wonderful fruits and vegetables that can be easily harvested and sold by donation to parents and neighbours who will love your initiative. Students can take this one step further and learn about sprouting, canning and all things food. Rotating students through these projects creates an incentive for focus and achievement. Our experience tells us that nearly everyone is eager for some time in the sunshine.