Emotional Health Matters


Hi there. My name is Kim Sargent and I’m the Clinical Director of the Canadian Family Health Collective and Co-Founder of Grow Happy®.

I'm passionate about mental health care and believe it to be the primary foundation for both a healthy body and a healthy planet.  With my passions aligned and my brain on fire, I've decided to launch this 2020 Cross Canada Garden Challenge. You don’t have to be Canadian to enter, let’s just grow some food! To hear a little about how this got started, read my story.

 Happy people care for themselves. Happy people care for their environment and one another. 


Registration is FREE  Did you know moods are contagious? They are indeed.  Students build skills using nutrition, fitness and mindfulness as they play our game of Mood Tag.

Choose between a variety of garden options that suit your space and your enthusiasm.  You will be eligible to win prizes for even the most dreadful gardens. 

 If you are interested in our School Fundraiser, we have developed an Essential Oils product line that helps forge new neural pathways (habits) to soothe anxiety, settle tempers and increase focus.  Sure beats selling chocolates and magazines.  Of course, you can use this fundraiser for anything you like, but a few dollars set aside for soil and seeds will sprout mental health and happiness smack dab on your own front lawn.

 Let’s Plant It Forward!

Kim Sargent Clinical Director of the Canadian Family Health Collective Co-Founder of Grow Happy®

Established in 1997, the Canadian Family Health Collective provides both counselling and education services in the field of mental health care.  We address issues of addictions, anger management, anxiety and depression.  We have witnessed a dramatic rise in these areas and particularly among our child and adolescent populations. 

Grow Happy® established its roots quite literally on the front lawn of the Canadian Family Health Collective in 2013.  Our front lawn became a food forest and education centre for the connection between food and mental health.   

Let's Plant it Forward, together!