Neural Network Therapy™ emerged in 1997, largely in response to advancements in neuroscience. This approach to counselling emphasizes education as the primary foundation for building happy brains and healthy bodies.

The exercises we’ve developed to aid in the treatment of anxiety, anger management, depression, self-regulation and stress management require goofy props to really stick. We’ve co-opted those props and developed an educational product line that includes the benefits of Essential Oils for nervous system support.

In 2015, one of our own sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. In an effort to manage daily headaches, anxiety, irritability and an incessant inability to focus, she accidentally developed Smidge. Our baby has done some growing up and has evolved from a tiny tin to a Smidge Stick, and the line continues to grow as inspiration strikes. We have moved from our office kitchen into Alypsis Inc., for both production and distribution. And all within one year.

We’re so thankful to have found a resource to fuel our GrowHappy® mental health and outdoor education initiatives, and wanted to share a little about our humble beginnings.